• The Family of Gene Lasley (Tim Warf's neighbor) 9/15

Current Needs of Our Church Family

  • Donna Miller (recovery from surgery) 8/28
  • David Miller (recovery from wisdom tooth surgery) 9/4

Surgeries/Medical Procedures

Relatives of Our Church Family

  • Doug Creider (Nancy Creider's son - blood clots) 8/20
  • John Dismukes (Cherie & Paul Johanson's son-in-law - recovery open heart surgery) 9/15
  • Lenore Morales (Helen Ledford's daughter - hospitalized due to stoke from hole in heart) 9/16
  • Wanda Faye Jude (Judy Raines' sister - severe headaches) 9/2
  • Kitty Vernon (Mark Vernon's mother - glucose issues) 9/5



  • Members of David Miller's family 9/7
  • Mike Harrell 9/17
  • Kay Harrell 9/17
  • Bill Monroe 9/17
  • Shirley Monroe 9/17


Unspoken Request


Other Prayer Requests

  • Kara McCabe - 6 year old (Adam <Awaken Childrens' Director> & Jennifer's McCabe daughter - scalded skin syndrome) 9/10


Long Term Medical Condition List [exempt from monthly clean up]

  • Bendigo, Kim (physical difficulties)
  • Coleman, Doug (Marcia Wall's step brother - kidney issues)
  • Creider, Rick (Nancy Creider's brother-in-law - congestive heart failure)
  • Harrell, Scott (Mike & Kay Harrell's son - POTS)
  • Harris, Jesse Morales (Helen Ledford's granddaughter- chronic health conditions)
  • Hogan, Julie (Helen Ledford's niece - repiratory issues and MS)
  • Howerton, Donree (back pain issues)
  • Howerton, Roger (right eye central vision gone)
  • Ledford, Helen (Lenore Morales's mother - health concerns)
  • Miller, Donna (back issues)
  • Murrell, Tonya Martin (Tim Warf's friend - recovery from car wreck)
  • Robins, Shari (Tim Warf's cousin - Lupus and autoimmune disease)
  • Stanley, Dee (Ann Stanley Brooks' aunt - dementia) [Kim - caregiver]
  • Stanley, Michele (Ann Brooks' niece - brain damage from COVID)
  • Williard, John (Parkinson - JoAnn caregiver)
  • Young, Carl



Cancer Prayer List [exempt from monthly clean up]

  • (Johanson) Sue (Cherie Johanson's family member)
  • (Miller) David Miller's nephew's wife (breast cancer)
  • Albea, Derek (Donna Miller's nephew - prostate cancer)
  • Ball, Brian (Jeff Pickard's friend - pancreatic tumor)
  • Ball, Joy (Jeff Pickard's friend's wife)
  • Barufic, Maria (Terri Creider'request - breast cancer)
  • Brooks, Cindy (Ann Stanley Brooks' Sister-in-law- kidney cancer)
  • Carter, Marshall (Tim Warf's friend - thyroid cancer & 1/4" mass in lung)
  • Clodfelter, Phyllis (Phyllis Ander's friend - cancer)
  • Culbreth, Chris (Roger Brooks' nephew - stage 4 throat cancer)
  • Davis, Ethan (David & Donna Miller's grandson)
  • Green, Deanna(from Steve Kelly - oral cancer @ limit of treatment)
  • Hamlett, Marty (Robert Hamlett's brother from Phyllis Anders)
  • Higgins, David (Vickie Jones' cousin - esophageal cancer)
  • Isley, Lindsay (Sylvia Pegg's niece-in-law - ovarian cancer & leukemia) 
  • Johnson, Larry (Stage 5 Kidney cancer)
  • Lance, Ben (Paul Johanson's brother-in-law - prostate cancer)
  • Lasley, Berla (Tim Warf's neighbor - skin cancer)
  • Linto, Randy (Shari Boston's cousin - thyroid cancer)
  • Parrish, Ray (friend of Phyllis Anders)
  • Peeden, Jody (prostate cancer)
  • Puckett, Alan (Mike & Kay Harrell's friend & neighbor - prostate cancer)
  • Richter, Anneli (Dave Hubler's Sister-in-law - stage 4 lung cancer)
  • Ross, Donald (Tim Warf's cousin - stage 4 lung cancer / heart issues)
  • Shelton, Angie (Denise Huffman's daughter's friend - ovarian cancer)
  • Stanley, Edward (Ann Stanley Brooks' cousin - kidney cancer)
  • Swaney, Madeline (uterine cancer)
  • Ward, Jim (Helen Fogleman's brother - cancer)
  • Williamson, Debra (David Miller's friend - cancer) 

Other Ongoing Needs

  • Our Country and Leaders/People of Israel 
  • Men and women serving in the US Military


Ongoing Needs of Our Church Family & Caregivers  [Permanent]

  • Our Sunday School Leaders and Teachers
  • Our Youth & Children 
  • Our AWANA Ministry
  • Crochet Ministry
  • Grace Community Ministry


Missionaries: [exempt from monthly clean up]

  • Dallas Morales Evangelistic Ministries
  • Faith Anderson (City Project with Mercy Church)
  • Southern Baptist Missionaries
  • Larry & Joyce George (Siloam Missionary Homes)
  • Marion Bailey (AWANA Missionaries)
  • Ken, Tracy, McClain, and Micah Grindle (Net India Ministries)
  • Tony & Kathy Pepe (France)
  • Lyandon & Kim Warren (Vermont)
  • Missionaries in and around Jinja, Uganda
  • Corey & Betsey Alley (Mission 217 - Charlotte, NC)
  • Lynda & Marty Roark (Mt. Top Baptist Assembly - Casper, WY)
  • David & Liz Roach (AWANA Missionaries)
  • Pete & Frances Nojd (Canada)


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