Servant Bible Institute


Mission Statement:

To instill within the student the full counsel of God’s Word in such an effective way that the Holy Spirit may better avail Himself to enlighten and guide the student in life’s way; and to secure the Lord’s best.  To enable His student and servant, to better serve God and others in their calling to the Glory of God (Psalm 119:105).


Purpose Statement:

Acknowledging the illiteracy of Scriptures found in the body and leadership of the modern church; Servant Bible Institute is chartered to support God’s Church in the educating and training of God’s people, church teachers and leaders. 

As an instrument of God’s Church, in His hands, Servant Bible Institute strives to equip every servant of the Lord Jesus with the comprehensive study and understanding of “The Holy Bible”.  Thus, better equipping each student to teach and lead the Body of Christ under the leadership of the Holy Spirit.


Professors and what they teach:


Dr. Roy L. Carter, President

Survey of Bible (Old and New Testaments)


Dr. Richard G. Beeson

Great Truths of the Bible (All the Doctrines of the Old and New Testaments)


Dr. Tommy R. Lawrence

Characters of the Bible (Their Relationship with God)


Elective classes are also available.  Please check with the school to see current classes and availability. 


Central Baptist Church
1715 Hwy. 68 North
Oak Ridge, NC 27310
Church: 336-643-7684
SBI: 336-643-7684 x32

SBI e-mail:

Evening classes are held Tuesday from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM at Central Baptist Church


Servant Bible Institute is Chartered Under the International Bible Institute.