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** Note:  Starting 10/1/2020, the Prayer List will be wiped clean. **

**  Every 1st of the month, the Prayer List will be wiped clean. **

**  The exceptions will be for those with cancer and terminal conditions.  **

**  If an individual needs to remain on the list for the next month, please contact the church office or send an email to the prayer list email.  **



 Family of Amy Madrigal (Bonnie Ramba’s friend – passed away 9/15)

Current Needs of Our Church Family

•  Nancy Young (surgery 9/16)

• Sandy Stewart (recover from gallbladder surgery on 9/8)

• Jay Busby (multiple myeloma)

• Donree Howerton (recovery from procedure on back to relieve pain)

• Marcia Wall (recovery from procedure on left leg and foot - will off feet for about 6 weeks) [10.20]

• Hutson East (Cherie Johanson’s nephew, nephew in car wreck nephew - critical condition w/ multiple surgeries) [10.20]

• Grayson East (Cherie Johanson’s nephew, nephew in car wreck - cuts and broken bones) [10.20]

• Kitty Vernon (Mark Vernon’s mother - surgery from a fall)

• Mike Harrell

• Donna Miller (back surgery recovery - foot injury)

• Jeanette Bowman

• Larry Fogleman

• Nancy Seivers

• Jeff Pickard

• Shirley Chavis

• Patsy Bendigo

• Winnie Lewis

• Chris Whitmann

• Sue Andrews

Ongoing Needs of Our Church Family & Caregivers

• Jessie Morales Harris (IgA Nephropathy) [10.20]

• Nick Hatton (hospital)

• Frances Young

• J.C. Williams

• Leonard & Mae Stafford

• John Williard (Parkinson's & JoAnn Williard - caregiver)

• Helen Ledford [10.20]

• Peggy Nelson

• Our Sunday School Leaders and Teachers

• Our Youth & Children

• Our AWANA Ministry

• Crochet Ministry

• Grace Community Ministry

Relatives of Our Church Family

• Cynthia "Cindy" Pegram Stanley (Ann Stanley Brooks' sister-in-law - admitted to hospital for kidney blockage 9/19)

• Rhyan Symonds (Vickie Jones’s niece - surgery)

• Doug Serwich (Doris Wright’s brother – surgery)

• Teresa (Nora Young’s daughter-in-law – possible heart attack)

• Amanda Creider (infection)

• Regan (Robin Pitt’s niece – RSV )

• Nick Simpson (Jim Ross’s nephew – virus)

• Clyde & Kitty Vernon (Kitty, broken pelvis)

• Darby Pickard (needing surgery)

• Wyatt Hargiss (Lonnie & Judy's grandson, broken jaw)

• Peggy Walker

• Keith Stovall (Annette Joyce's father, growth on pituitary)

• Peggy (Phillip Keever's grandmother: it is a matter of time, keeping her comfortable)

• Marilou Bearden (Sue Draime's sister, stroke)

• Betty Blackburn (stroke)

• Scott Harrell (Kay Harrell's son, diagnosed with POTS, cardiac related)

• Jacquie Baker Roddy (suffering from non-alcoholic stage 4 liver disease)

Other Prayer Requests

• Randy Hall (Phyllis Ander's request) [10.20]

• Janet Buchanan (Phyllis Ander's request) [10.20]

• Elainia Koontz (Cherie Johanson’s friend - in car wreck) [10.20]

• David Lawson (Jim Ross's friend - reconstructive neck surgery)

• Sandy Gravley

• Veyla O’Donnell (Kelly Young’s friends’ daughter – 5-year-old who has never walked)

• Larry Wall (Kelly Joyce’s manager’s father)

• Patsy Simcoy (fluid in lungs)

• Richard Calcutt (AFIB surgery)

• Marian Gladys Todd (Tim Warf's family friend - failing health) [10.20]

Cancer Prayer List [exempt from monthly clean up]

• Paul Wilson (Phyllis Ander’s nephew , brain tumor)

• Alan Puckett (Mike & Kay Harrell's friend & neighbor - prostate cancer)

• Susan Stiefel (cancer)• Judy Breazeale (cancer)

• Sue Ross (Jim Ross' stepmother, diagnosed with breast cancer)

• Melanie Goodwin (Edith Eatmon's niece, liver cancer)

• Ted Southern (friend of Randy & Sandy Stewart, cancer)

• Stan Shepard (cancer)

• Gene Gibbs (cancer)

• John Hobbs (from Pat Kozak, husband of granddaughter's teacher - leukemia)

• Nancy Gordy (lung cancer)

• Teresa Tysinger (bone cancer)

• Louise Scronce (relative of Helen Ledford, advanced leukemia)


Other Ongoing Needs

• Our Country and Leaders/People of Israel

• Men and women serving in the US Military:

• Shane Finison - Afghanistan

• Kirk Grose - former unit deployed in Kuwait

Missionaries: [exempt from monthly clean up]

• Dallas Morales Evangelistic Ministries

• Brittney Welch (Missionary to China)

• Southern Baptist Missionaries

• Larry & Joyce George (Siloam Missionary Homes)

• Marion Bailey (AWANA Missionaries)

• Ken, Tracy, McClain, and Micah Grindle (Net India Ministries)

• Tony & Kitty Pepe (France)

• Lyandon & Kim Warren (Vermont)

• Missionaries in and around Jinja, Uganda

• Corey & Betsey Alley (Mission 217 - Charlotte, NC)

• Lynda & Marty Roark (Mt. Top Baptist Assembly - Casper, WY)

• David & Liz Roach (AWANA Missionaries)

• Pete & Frances Nojd (Canada)

Please help me to keep the prayer list updated and current.

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